Sonntag, 4. September 2016

Visiting Basel

First time in Switzerland! Basel was a great idea. First thing to see was the Minster. It has two cloisters, this is the small one: 

Just behind the building is a platform with a great view over the Rhine. Did you know people actually swim in here, despite the HUGE cargo ships passing by?

The colorful flags on the rope belong to one of the four Rhine ferry boats, which will bring you to the other side of the river for just a couple of francs.

Next stop is the middle bridge with its small chapel decorated by a bunch of locks by amorous couples. Do they know this place was used in the Middle Ages to execute unfaithful spouses? They were just thrown into the Rhine ...

Inner court of the City Hall:

My little son loved the fountain  made by the artist Jean Tinguely. He also enjoyed visiting the Museum Tinguely, which was a lot of fun for me also.

Very interessting was a visit to the Basel Paper Mill, which is a museum with workshops where you can create your own handmade paper and try out original stamping machines. We were stamping like there is no tomorrow!

Last but not least, the heraldic animal of Basel is a basilisk, a mythical mixture of a dragon, a snake and a rooster - a real rooster was condemned to death in the 15th century, because people believed that he (!) layed egg, which could contain an actual basilisk ... which was burned for safety reasons.

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